How to convert TXT to PDF

file selection

Upload the TXT file from your computer, or through a cloud storage service such as Google Drive or Dropbox. You can also drag and drop them into the box to upload and convert them to a pdf file. Once you select your file or drag and drop it into the box, your file will start processing automatically. Our software will start converting your TXT file to PDF in no time.

Editable text

When you convert from TXT to PDF, your .txt file is converted to a text object in the converted PDF file. This means that it will be directly editable with the appropriate PDF software. Now that your file is in PDF format, you can use Clavier Arabic to edit your files as much or as small as you like.

Convert from PDF

If you have completed the conversion to PDF, convert to TXT to return the file to its original state. You can use our free software * PDF to text converter. In order to convert a PDF file back to a TXT file, you can use our online PDF tools. You can easily convert any PDF file back to .txt. Convert from PDF to many different file formats with our free tool*.