How to Convert PowerPoint to PDF

Converting from PowerPoint PPT to PDF is easy. Simply upload your presentation, by dragging and dropping or browsing your hard drive. You can even use a file from cloud storage.

Once uploaded, simply click on Save Changes and the conversion will begin. Then you can download or share your new PDF or apply some other changes like adding a password for protection.

no strings attached

When you download an app or software for your computer, storage space is just one problem that you may encounter. Malware and viruses pose a greater threat.

With PowerPoint to PDF, you don't have to worry about these risks. All you need to download it is the converted PDF file!

Why convert to PDF?

PDF has some advantages over PowerPoint in PPT format. Depending on the system, software, or even your projector screen, presentations can lose their format. This quickly seems unprofessional.

If you convert PowerPoint to PDF, you can be sure that the slide format looks exactly as it should.

Safe PDF Converter

Convert from PPT to PDF without any costs and worries. Your files are not checked manually, and we do not claim ownership of any of them. Your file truly belongs to you and all your information is safe.

If you still have questions, check out our Privacy Policy.

More than a PPT?

Our specialty is converting PowerPoint PPT files to PDF. But there is more you can do. Other files, such as documents, images, and e-books, can be converted to PDF as well.

Such as:


PPT to PDF online

PDF2Go works literally on the go. No need to stay on your computer, this PDF converter just needs an internet connection, nothing more.

Take your PowerPoint presentation and convert it to PDF from your computer, work computer, smartphone or tablet...