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What Is My IP Address ? 

Your IP address (Internet Protocol address) is the unique number that identifies your computer whenever you are online, and lets other computers know where to send your data—for example, if you want to visit websites or download files from remote servers. It’s like your home address on the internet, and it allows you to connect with all sorts of services that are available on the internet—like email, chat rooms, multiplayer games, web hosting and more.

IP Address stands for Internet Protocol Address and it's what your computer uses to communicate over the internet, like a physical address that you would use to find your house on Google Maps. IP addresses look like this in order to make sure that all computers can understand each other it has been assigned a unique number (called an IP) which allows devices to talk to each other over the internet and other networked devices such as printers or routers. This article will show you how to find your IP address on your computer, phone or tablet.

Types of IP Address

There are two types of IP addresses, the first is the fourth version known as (IPv4), and the second is the sixth version known as (IPv6), and all computers that have IP addresses contain the first type, and many of them have started using the second type recently.