About internet speed test

This is the estimated connection speed which may not reflect your actual connection speed.

Internet use has now become an essential part of most people's lives. They use internet on some devices like;

The internet speed provided depends on the technology used by the internet service providers that provide the service. If they provide fiber optic connection, the speed will be really fast. Copper wire and cable connections will be slower. In some areas, a combination is used by ISPs in providing Internet connections. Some Internet service providers will provide optical fiber to your Wi-Fi device. Wi-Fi bandwidth is shared between different devices. Other ISPs have fiber optic junction boxes. From these junction boxes, it provides users with internet via copper wire lines used in telephone communications. Cable TV operators provide the Internet to users using the cable system of their network.

Internet use has seen a massive increase in the last decade. To meet the increase in demand, both internet service providers and mobile service providers have had to find new technologies to provide fast internet connections to users. There is a lot of competition between internet service providers to provide high quality and speed service to the users. Some cities in the United States and Europe offer a speed of 2 Gbps to internet users. Providing high-speed internet requires a lot of investment by ISPs, which is what they have to do if they want to keep in business. Some governments also benefit from the sale of high-speed calling licenses.

These days, there is a lot of talk about internet speeds and the reason for this is that the internet has changed the way people communicate with each other, play games, view entertainment, listen to music and work. The question on the minds of every Internet user is: "What is a good Internet speed." But how do we determine how much internet speed we need? You can take an internet speed test, but what does it tell you, and how useful is the information you get from it. There are some internet speed test providers like; Comcast speed test, Verizon speed test, Ookla speed test.

A typical internet speed test will tell you; Your ping, download speed, upload speed, and some internet speed tests provide some other information. When your ISP provides you with an internet connection, it will tell you what download speed it will provide you, or promise to provide it to you. You can check the speed by running an internet speed test.

Internet Terminology

Before we check the internet speed that is required to support all the devices that use the internet in our homes, such as TV receivers, game consoles and other smart devices. We need to understand the terms.

Streaming : This is a kind of download, but it is not saved to any device. When you watch a movie on Netflix or YouTube, it streams the movie to your device from a storage device located elsewhere. You only need a certain amount of bandwidth to watch the movie without stopping and buffering it during playback. You don't have to download the video to watch it.

Download : Download is the actual transfer of data from a site to your device. Downloading consumes more bandwidth than streaming. You can download and store apps, games, files, emails, etc. on your device.

Upload : Uploading is the opposite of downloading. While downloading a file from another device it is downloading to your device, when uploading, you transfer a file from your device to another device.

A closer look at internet speed test data

You should check the service level of your ISP account. You have to make sure you get the speed you are supposed to get. Internet Speed ​​Test will check if you are getting the promised speed. The three data items displayed in most internet speed tests are;

Ping : This reflects the latency in the computer network. In simpler terms, it means the delay before data is transferred between two computers. When the test is run, it tries to find a server that takes the least time to respond to a data exchange request. Once the connection is established, the time taken to do so is displayed as ping time in milliseconds.

Download speed: The test requires the server to send data over and record the time it takes to transfer the sample data. The average time is displayed as the download speed, which is indicated in megabits per second (Mbps).

Upload speed : The test sends a sample of data to the server and measures the time it takes for the data to reach its destination. It is displayed as download speed