Keywords are the core of the content which is one of the most important elements when it comes to digital marketing. If you want to find suitable keywords to increase visits to the site or to improve targeting of your advertising campaigns.

What is Keyword Research Free Tool?

Keyword Research Free Tool is a free tool provided by Clavier arabic to help website owners and those who rely on advertising campaigns to search for keywords and find content ideas. It was originally developed as an extension or utility for advertisers.

Who uses the Keyword Research Free Tool?

The Keyword Research Free Tool is used by all site owners or marketers through search engines, as it allows them to reveal the keywords that can be targeted in the content, in order to achieve their set goals. At the same time, it is a powerful tool for advertisers on the Google search engine or those who launch advertising campaigns, allowing them to analyze these words, learn about their prices, compare them with the budget and other aspects that we will learn about later.

Benefits of using Keyword Research Free Tool

Sure, the Keyword Research Free Tool has a lot of functionality to offer to publishers and advertisers, but have you ever asked yourself about these features already, and what makes them different from other keyword research tools? Here is all it offers you:

Learn new keywords

One of the most important functions provided by the Keyword Research Free Tool is to discover new keywords for websites, by entering the word you want to target, you will get a set of options and new short and long keywords. With a bunch of information about their monthly search rate, competition and price. The tool also allows searching for more than 10 words at once.